PDFACTION PDF READER v1.91 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Many people have started to save their online documents such as tutorials, guides and service information into the Portable Document Format (PDF) and as such, it wise to have a handy PDF reader present at all times. PDFACTION PDF READER is an application that is designed for the reading of PDF documents, but with additional features to ensure that the user gets maximum satisfaction and readability.

PDFACTION PDF READER gives you the maximum viewing area for your PDF files coupled with swing out bookmarks and a slim line navigation bar to not obstruct the view of the document. It comprises the ability to save preset info to auto fill PDF forms when you use it later.

Additionally, PDFACTION PDF READER you can recall the last viewed document as well as the position and a list of previously viewed files. You also have the option to perform quick searches even if the document contains heavy graphics and printing can be done very easily.

PDFAction PDF Reader Free Edition is a simple but powerful PDF document reader and is designed to allow the user maximum viewing area with swingout bookmarks and slimline navigational bar. PDFAction Reader can save preset fill in pdf forms for use later, previous views can instantly call up the last document and position and previous files you have looked at. Search and print easily, extremely fast on pdf documents that have a heavy graphical content. The program is clean and simple in design. Edit pages easily by deleting and filling in preset pdf forms and saving them as a new pdf. and you can save any page as a high resolution .bmp file.

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PDFACTION PDF READER v1.91 Free Download screenshot